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The Importance of massage & our body’s homeostasis

  • What is homeostasis? In humans, homeostasis happens when the body regulates body temperature in effort to maintain the internal temp. (around 98.6). For example, we sweat to cool off in the heat and we shiver to produce heat when we are cold.

How this works in regards to massage therapy is simple; when muscles and joints get restricted, it not only causes pain, but blood cannot flow freely. Eventually this can lead to sickness and disease, in other words, an imbalanced homeostasis. Cells need to be oxygenated by movement, this is what massage does, it flushes and detoxifies our muscular and lymphatic systems. By allowing this movement we also help our nervous system freely send messages to the areas of our body that need attention. When we are able to relax and breathe during massage, the untangling effect happens easily. The knots and restricted joints are able to release so cells can flow and get the proper nutrients they need to continue their journey. That feeling of rejuvenation is an endorphin release, the nervous system is celebrating. All our systems work together and it can happen with harmony when we continue to take care of ourselves. In order to maintain a balanced homeostasis, we must remember to receive regular massage, click here to schedule.

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