Kimberly Moore, LMTHello, my name is Kimberly Moore, I have been practicing massage since 2008. I have been working in the holistic-health field since 2002, I started by finding a life-changing career as a chiropractic assistant. In 2007 I attended Lauterstein and Conway Massage School here in Austin, where I received an outstanding education. I immediately found a job working with a chiropractor as a clinical massage therapist, we worked together to get to the root of the patient’s imbalances. During my work with the chiropractor I earned 90+ hours in advanced clinical training and was taught by a well respected physical therapist. I have been working with many amazing practitioners that have helped me get to where I am today; Now with my own home-based practice I am inspired and putting all this knowledge to work. It’s my passion to integrate the knowledge I have cultivated and help women regain their health. I take a humble approach in understanding that every human body is different and with patience yet perseverance we can reach success by unfolding how your body reaches it’s optimal potential. I specialize in restorative, structural balancing through therapeutic-deep massage; I also have knowledge in pre & post-natal massage and lymphatic massage.

My mission is to educate you as we both explore the areas in your body that are holding up the process of movement and innate-healing. My philosophy is, the more positive-movement we have within the energetic elements of our body, the healthier we are. Let me help you discover how wonderful you can feel by unlocking tension, mobilizing soft tissue and giving your body the freedom to unleash it’s holding pattern.